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Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Best and Worst From the Vikings Game



    The Bears played their most complete game on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. Who were the best and the worst?

    Grizzly Bears -- the players who pillaged that Viking ship:

    Devin Hester: How many ways did Hester help the Bears? Let's count. First, he had a highlight reel touchdown to put the team ahead going into halftime. Then, he was an unstoppable force on special teams, gaining 100 yards in kick returns and 47 in punt returns. All told, Hester accounted for 185 yards against the Vikings.

    Lance Briggs: One of the major reasons why Adrian Peterson was so limited on Sunday was that Briggs wouldn't let him get anywhere. He had five tackles, and stayed on Peterson every time he had the ball. He also picked off Brett Favre, and when the interception was upheld by the officials after a Vikings challenge, he was at the center of one of the Bears most joyous celebrations this season. It seemed like a small thing, but it also showed the unity of the Bears defense and how they respect Briggs.

    Jay Cutler: The quarterback spread the ball around, worked well with his offensive line and only tried to force the ball where it didn't belong once. As a result, he threw for 235 yards and three touchdowns. Cutler also showed off his scrambling skills and ran for an extra 25 yards.

    Teddy Bears -- the Bears who were as cold as a Minnesota winter:

    Robbie Gould: The once automatic kicker has hit a bit of a funk. He missed a 48-yard field goal against the Bills and then a 39-yarder against the Vikings.