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Bears Postseason 101



    Pull out your calendars and cancel your plans for January 16, Bears fans. The Bears will end their playoff drought in two weeks, with a noon kickoff at Soldier Field. The game will be airing on Fox, meaning we'll likely be "treated" to more Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

    But it won't be until after this Sunday's games that the Bears will know who they will play.

    As the second seed, they'll  face the best remaining seed -- either Philadelphia, Seattle or New Orleans.

    Since the Packers are the sixth seed, the only shot the Bears will have of facing them for the third time this season is to meet up in the NFC Championship game.

    Though the Bears have only one playoff game guaranteed, Las Vegas is looking straight to the Super Bowl. Betting odds for playoff teams were released today, and the Bears have a 12-in-1 shot of making it to Dallas for the big game, odds that they share with Green Bay and Baltimore.

    The New England Patriots are as close as a team can get to a sure thing: 2-to-1, while the Seahawks, the first team to reach the playoffs with a losing record, are 100-to-1.