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Why The Chicago Bears Will Never Be on "Hard Knocks"



    Why The Chicago Bears Will Never Be on "Hard Knocks"
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    Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo

    Jerry Angelo this week shot down any chance of the Bears starring on "Hard Knocks," the critically-acclaimed HBO show that follows an NFL team through the pre-season.

    Grizzly Detail understands, but thinks its a shame the Bears won't get a chance to shine on pay-cable television. Just imagine how the Bears would fit in the accepted roles that the show has built over seasons of covering the Bengals, Jets and Chiefs.

    The beleaguered coach: Lovie Smith would fit so well here. Though not as bombastic as Jets coach Rex Ryan, Smith is a man under pressure. Three mediocre seasons will do that. Unfortunately, Lovie can be a tad ... what's the word ... sleep-inducing. There would be no "Now let's go get a snack!" speeches from Smith.

    The prom king QB: Jay-Cutty is the man! If he stars on "Hard Knocks," we'll see a whole new side of the sometimes-sulky, always diabetic QB. Not only that, we just may get a chance for Kristin Cavallari to return to reality TV!

    Old man river: Olin Kreutz was the center for Sid Luckman. Not really, but he's been the heart of the Bears offensive line for 13 seasons, and watching how he handles one more season could be dramatic.

    Prankster: Training camp can get tense. Someone needs to get the team laughing. In the Bears of yore, it was Walter Payton. Now, it's another Bears RB, Matt Forte. Perhaps Forte can pull out some of the classic Sweetness pranks, like pulling the fire alarm, throwing firecrackers down the hall or tying together players' shoelaces from the bottom of a pile.

    Ongoing camp saga
    : The most compelling tales on "Hard Knocks" aren't of the stars, but of the fringe players, the guys fighting for a spot on the team. For the past two seasons, running back and Chicago native Garrett Wolfe has been that player.

    On second thought, good call Angelo!