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Jensations: Wednesday, July 28

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Updated 1:54 PM CST, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

jensations, couple with secret

Rehab Worries: She's got less than a week left behind bars, then actress Lindsay Lohan's start a 90-day stint in rehab, but her attorney says she needs a little family time first. "She's a little upset right now. She'd like to spend some time with her family, and there's the question as to whether or not she'll have to go directly to rehab," attorney Shawn Chapman Holley tells People. Prosecutors say the troubled star has 24 hours to report to a facility. Her release is likely to come this Sunday or Monday. Lohan's been in jail since July 20 for a 90-day sentence for violating probation in her 2007 DUI case.

Case Questions: Former VP Al Gore got to spend some special time with Portland police this past week. A law enforcement source tells KATU that detectives had more questions for Gore about sexual assault allegations made against him by massage therapist, Molly Hagerty. In 2007, she claimed that he grabbed and groped her while she was giving him a massage at a hotel in October 2006. That case was closed because of a lack of evidence. But last month Hagerty decided to go public and Portland police reopened the case. The Enquirer has since reported that two more massage therapists have come forward claiming he made unwanted sexual advances at them.

First Look: We're getting a look at some of the evidence against Mel Gibson. released a photo of Gibson's ex-girlfriend, bruised after an alleged altercation with the star. Oksana Grigorieva claims he punched her in the head twice as they argued at his home in January. Grigorieva says she was holding the couple's young daughter when he attacked her. Gibson denies any wrongdoing and says she's making the claims to get money out of him.

Love Child: Diana Ross' niece says she's Michael Jackson's illegitimate child. Mocienne Petit Jackson filed documents in an L.A. court asking for a DNA test, TMZ reports. She claims in 1975, 17-year-old Michael Jackson secretly impregnated Ross' sister Barbara. She also says when she was 9-years-old, Michael's mom Katherine came up with a plan to kidnap her and send her to Belgium to protect his reputation.

jensations, couple with secret

jensations, couple with secret

Boy Toy: Guess who's getting married? Linda Hogan, who's 50-years-old, is engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend, Charlie, friends tell The Enquirer. Yuck! They plan to get married next summer aboard Linda's new 50-foot yacht she appropriately named "Alimoney." Sources close to Hulk say he's furious about the news and that the happier she gets, the more upset he gets. As gross  as this is, I really don't see how he can be mad about it. He's engaged to his 36-year-old girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, who happens to be 20 years younger than him.

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