Stuff Yourself or Pay Up

Clean plate club payout for diners who don't eat their fill

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    Stuff that spicy tuna roll in your face or we'll charge you for it.

    There are starving kids in Africa you know!

    That's the essential message a Manhattan restaurant is trying to send. Hayashi Ya sushi on the Upper West Side is charging customers a 3% penalty for not cleaning their plates when they eat at the restaurant, according to WCBS news

    The sushi joint charges $26.95 for an all-one-can-eat deal, but tacks on an extra 3% if you want to leave with whatever's left on your plate. That seems fair, but an odd tactic for a restaurant industry that's been criticized for over-serving customers with out-sized portions.

    "Tens of billions of dollars are wasted each year on food that is purchased and not eaten," said Joel Berg of the Coalition Against Hunger, which is a valid although arguably a moot point considering one is already paying the check for one's meal.