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Local Man's Run Every Chicago Marathon

Larry Moon has run in every marathon since 1977

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    Larry Moon

    Thirty-two years ago, Larry Moon says he was a soft, overweight, pack-a-day smoker.

    But then he quit cold-turkey, got in shape, and ran the first Chicago Marathon -- then called the "Mayor Daley Marathon."

    He's run the marathon every year since, one of only nine people who can make the claim.

    With no official training, Moon said completing the first marathon was "one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment" he'd ever experienced.

    "If I had not done the first one, I would not still be doing it year after year," he said. "If I miss a year, it's not going to be the same if I don't keep this string going every year. "

    Despite being a three-time Iowa High School state track meet finalist, Moon said his marathon completion times never were really fast, but he was happy with them.

    "Now I'm just trying to run fast enough that they don't pull me off the course," he said, laughing.

    In 2007, he said he didn't know how many more marathons he would do.

    "I never think beyond the next one. I just do one at a time. Maybe you could say that I'm addicted because I still feel the rush."

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