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2 minutes ago

Israel Rejects Kerry's Proposal for Gaza Ceasefire

11 minutes ago

2 Children Killed After Carjackers Hit Crowd

7 minutes ago

French Soldiers Reach Mali Plane Crash Site

2 hours ago

2 Florida Girls Arrested for Torturing Rare Tortoise

3 hours ago

Could Migrant Children Get Refugee Status? 6 Things to Know

3 hours ago

Foster Child Left in Hot Car Dies in Kansas

A 10-month-old foster child died after being left in a car on a 90-degree day in a Wichita, Kansas, neighborhood, police said Friday. The foster parents, two men ages 26 and 29, were questioned and the older one was booked on a charge of child endangerment while the investigation in the Thursday evening tragedy continues, NBC News reported. Their names were not released. "The child had been picked up from the babysitter somewhere around four o'clock in the afternoon...and somehow forgotten inside of the vehicle," Lt. Todd Ojile said. Read »
Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014 at 9:09 PM

He is a 24-hours president and communications allow him to do his job anywhere.  

— White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz answering a question from reporters about whether Pres. Obama needs to return to the White House.
43 minutes ago

Most Border Children With Sponsors Go to Texas, New York

24 minutes ago

Israeli Soldier Grieves Comrades Killed in Gaza Blast

Doron Ziv, a soldier with the Israeli Defense Forces, is mourning the death of three of his comrades, who were killed when his unit went into a booby-trapped house in Gaza and tripped three improvised explosive devices. Ziv made it out alive, but the others were killed by the impact of the blast. "It's a lot of noise, a lot of friends dead... hurt people," said Ziv, when asked about the pain he was feeling. Read »
3 hours ago

Surgeons Remove 232 "Teeth" From Teen's Mouth

2 hours ago

Man Dies After Being Attacked While Protecting Child

5 hours ago

Dutch Mourn as More Crash Bodies Arrive From Ukraine

2 hours ago

Serial Flamingo Bomber Strikes Again in St. Louis

A neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri has been hit by a serial "flamingo bomber," with 41 pink plastic flamingos appearing in residents' lawns, NBC affiliate KSDK reported. "I thought it was weird that people just started getting flamingos," said an eight-year-old girl. Some suspect the neighborhood block party leader is the bomber, but he maintains his innocence. Read »
44 minutes ago

Dallas Commissioner Took Nearly $1M in Bribes: Federal Indictment

4 hours ago

Madonna Badger Marries College Friend 2 Years After Fire