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13 minutes ago

Baltimore Police Give Update Following Unrest

53 minutes ago

All Eyes on Kennedy as High Court Hears Gay Marriage

32 minutes ago

Obama: Baltimore Riots Should Prompt "Soul-Searching"

President Barack Obama said there is "no excuse" for the Baltimore riots, but he also said the entire country should be doing some "soul-searching," a day after that city was plunged into chaos. Baltimore’s rioters should be “treated as criminals,” Obama said, adding that the situation cannot be left to police. "They're not protesting. They're not making a statement. They're stealing," Obama said at an unrelated White House news conference alongside the Japanese prime minister. "It's a handful of people taking advantage of the situation." But Obama also said, in a long response to a question about the latest in a series of protests over young black men's deaths at the hands of police, that the problem wasn't a new one. "If we really want to solve the problem, we could. It would require everybody to say this is important, this is significant and that we just don't pay attention to these communities when a CVS burns, when a young man is shot or when his spine is snapped." Read »
3 hours ago

Was Colo. Theater Gunman Sane? Testimony Begins

After nearly three years of mystery, a clearer but conflicted portrait of James Holmes emerged from the first few hours of his trial in the Colorado theater shootings. In opening statements Monday, defense lawyers portrayed him as a smiling child who enjoyed surfing with his family but who also sensed something was wrong with his mind, even at a young age. Hoping to find a fix, he set off to study neuroscience at the University of Colorado, but mental illness propelled him to commit the bloody attack on a suburban Denver movie theater in July 2012, defense lawyer Katherine Spengler said. Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutors say he was sane and should be executed. They will call their first witnesses Tuesday and are expected to start by calling wounded victims to the stand. Read »
6 hours ago

Nepal on "War Footing" as Death Toll Tops 5,000

The death toll from Saturday's magnitude-7.8 earthquake in Nepal topped 5,000 on Tuesday, as the government pushed back against criticism over a slow response and as a landslide near a trekking route left hundreds more people missing. Rescuers were still digging bodies out of the rubble in the capital Kathmandu, centuries-old buildings were flattened by Saturday’s quake and many were sleeping outside in vast tent cities for fear of being buried in further aftershocks. "The government is doing all it can for rescue and relief on a war footing," the prime minister told Reuters. "It is a challenge and a very difficult hour for Nepal." Some 8 million people have been affected — with 1.4 million in urgent need of food supplies, according to the United Nations. Further complicating the relief effort, a heavy rainstorm broke out in Kathmandu on Tuesday, and on Tuesday, an avalanche hit a village near a trekking route. Up to 250 people were missing afterward. Read »
4 hours ago
By Michael Rodio

Protests in Baltimore Over Death of Freddie Gray

Protests turned violent again on Monday as demonstrators started throwing bricks... See Full Gallery »

50 minutes ago

Could High Court Give GOP Escape Hatch on Marriage?

3 hours ago

How to Help Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Saturday, Apr 25, 2015 at 4:33 AM

It was a sound like thunder.... It was really shaking shaking shaking.  

— Shristi Mainali a 21-year-old nursing student in Kathmandu, Nepal, describing Saturday's 7.9-magnitude earthquake there.
4 hours ago
By Michael Rodio

Deadly Earthquake Rocks Nepal

A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, killing hundreds... See Full Gallery »

27 minutes ago

San Diego Father and Son Stuck in Nepal

27 minutes ago

Pope Francis, UN Team Up to Fight Climate Change

46 minutes ago

NFL Giving Up Tax-Exempt Status

33 minutes ago

Disney to Rehire Workers Who Refused Soiled Costumes

2 hours ago

Baltimore Riots Follow Freddie Gray's Death, Years of Complaints About Police Brutality