Illinois Unemployment Gets Worse While Nation Gets Better | NBC Chicago

Illinois Unemployment Gets Worse While Nation Gets Better

State departs from national trend, and not in a good way



    Unemployment in Illinois continues to climb while unemployment nationwide is declining or staying flat, according to several reports.

    The percentage of unemployed workers in Illinois rose to 11.5% in March from 11.4% in February, it's highest rate in 27 years. The nationwide unemployment rate, meanwhile, stayed steady at 9.7%.

    Historically, the unemployment rate in Illinois has stayed consistent with national trends, but a little higher. But in the last year, Illinois has dramatically departed from the U.S. rate in a way not seen since 1992.

    Illinois' troubles come while other state unemployment rates have started to stabilize.

    Sixteen states said their jobless rate was unchanged in February, seven reported declines and 27 reported increases. In December, joblessness rose in 43 states.