Facebook Creates Map of MLB Fandom

Cubs fandom spreads across northern Illinois into Indiana and Iowa

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    North Siders' love of the Chicago Cubs goes well beyond city limits, according to Opening Day social media data showing where Major League Baseball fans live by county.

    A U.S. map produced by Facebook shows Cubs fandom spreads across northern Illinois into Indiana and Iowa. To Cubs' fans chagrin, the southern half of the state roots for the St. Louis Cardinals.

    As for White Sox fans, the map shows the country's love of the team is confined to the northeast part of the state and mostly in Chicago.

    The color-coded map represents each MLB team Facebook page that received the most "likes" from people in each county.

    Outside of Chicago the data shows the Yankees have the most fans by county in the U.S., there are no counties where a plurality of fans like the New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays or Oakland Athletics, and Louisiana and Nebraska are the most divided states.

    The White Sox host the Mets Monday afternoon for the South Side team's home opener. The Cubs' home opener takes place Friday against the Phillies.