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Don't Pressure Obama on Olympics: Daley

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    Daley speaks at the White House in support of Chicago's 2016 bid while President Obama and the First Lady look on.

    With only nine days before the IOC makes its host city decision, Mayor Daley says that the bid's not about him, and President Obama has done plenty for Chicago and shouldn't be pressured further.

    "You know he has enough pressure on a daily basis," Daley told NBC's Phil Rogers, explaining that Obama has done everything in his power thus far.

    Daley on Why the IOC Should Choose Chicago

    [CHI] Daley on Why the IOC Should Choose Chicago
    Mayor Richard Daley evokes the memory of two black athletes who competed in 1936 in describing Chicago's Olympic spirit. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009)

    "I'm a chief executive and I have to make decisions," he said, apparently empathizing with the president's position, "and Michelle Obama will represent us very well."

    Reiterating his enthusiasm for the first lady's support, Daley said Michelle Obama "knows more about the South Side, knows more about the Jesse Owens history and Ralph Metcalf, knows more about sports" and would make a very persuasive case for Chicago.

    "This is Not Rich Daley's Olympics"

    [CHI] "This is Not Rich Daley's Olympics"
    Mayor Richard Daley says the Olympics aren't about him, it's about bringing the Olympic spirit to Chicago. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009)

    Obama's also fighting for health care, which everyone understands is a time-consuming battle, Daley said.

    There have been several recent indications that Obama will make the case for Chicago in Copenhagen.

    Obama Doesn't Need Any More Pressure: Daley

    [CHI] Obama Doesn't Need Any More Pressure: Daley
    Mayor Richard Daley says the president has enough on his plate right now, and says he's grateful the First Lady will represent the delegation. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009)

    Most recently, the White House released a letter touting Chicago that Obama sent to "key members" of the IOC.

    Obama staffers recently told reporters the White House was sending an advance team to Copenhagen just in case Obama can go.

    Last week, both the president and Michelle showed their support for Chicago's bid during an Olympic and Paralympic demonstration on the White House South Lawn.

    Asked whether he was "betting the ranch" on getting the bid, Daley demurred.

    "No one bets a ranch ..." he said. "This is something you wanna go for. Other cities couldn't get it in America. Other cities couldn't get it in the world. There's only four competing. And so that's tough competition."

    "This is bigger than me.  This is not rich daley's olympic and paralympic," he said.

    Daley also said that criticism of the bid was expected and welcome.

    "There's nothing wrong with anyone questioning, whether it's an editorial, headline, things like that," he said.

    "Because then you make a better bid process. And that's how it goes ... "

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