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Rahm May Receive Rose Garden Farewell Friday, in Chicago Monday: Sources




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    WASHINGTON - JANUARY 6: (AFP OUT) Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff-designate attends a meeting with President-elect Barack Obama and his economic team, Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff-designate (R), Peter Orszag, Director-designate, Office of Management and Budget (L), Rob Nabors, Deputy Director-designate, Office of Management and Budget (3rd L), Christina Romer, Director-designate, Council of Economic Advisors (2nd R) and Lawrence Summers, Director-designate, National Economic Council (3rd R) January 6, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama announced he would ban earmark legislation from the stimulus pacjkage his adminstration will propose. (Photo by Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)

    Rahm Emanuel is likely to step down on Friday, say several sources close to the White House chief of staff, and may even receive a White House Rose Garden thank you. He'll be back in Chicago by Sunday, and by Monday will announce his intentions.

    What's less certain: where Rahm will live.

    Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, a possible opponent in the race, says Rahm can't stay with him. "My wife and I have five children," says Dart. "We're full."

    Dart hasn't announced a run yet. But, he suggested that "voters are fed up with Washington and the bubble" and that it would be "bizarre" not to doublecheck Rahm's residency.

    But Emanuel seems to be in the clear. The Chicago Board of Elections compares Emanuel's residency to that of a soldier -- he voted by absentee ballot in February, so he's likely to survive any residency challenge.

    "You don't have to live there, it's about intent," says Board Chairman Langdon Neale.