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City Council Unanimously Approves Assault Weapons Ban




    The Chicago City Council on Wednesday unanimously voted to approve the city's assault weapons ban ordinance.

    The vote came during a special session called by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to strengthen the ban and impose harsher punishments for gun crimes committed near schools. The proposed ordinance called for expanding what is considered an assault weapon by looking more closely into gun technology.

    Mayor Urges Assault Weapons Ban in Chicago, U.S.

    [CHI] Mayor Urges Assault Weapons Ban in Chicago, U.S.
    During the graduation of Chicago Police recruits, Mayor Rahm Emanuel called for an assault weapons ban in Chicago, Illinois and the United States. (Published Monday, Dec. 17, 2012)

    Discussion on the topic became heated during Tuesday's public safety meeting between a Chicago alderman and a National Rifle Association activist.

    "I think it's disingenuous to sit here and say, 'Well, start with your police force,'" Ald. Joe Moreno said.

    Obama Mentions Chicago's Gun Problem

    [CHI] Obama Mentions Chicago's Gun Problem
    President's response came in response to a question about the now-expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012)

    "What I'm asking is if the NRA has a position for someone caught carrying a loaded weapon without a FOID card."

    Under the new concealed-carry law in Illinois, cities have until Friday to ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

    Chicago joins several communities that already have banned the weapons, including Buffalo Grove, Homewood, Hazel Crest, North Chicago and Highland Park.

    Also approved was a so-called "safe passage" ordinance to protect students traveling to and from school. The ordinance creates school safety zones and safe passage routes for students.