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After Sour Fund-raising Report, Giannoulias Takes Aim at Kirk's Wall Street Vote




    With a less-than-exciting campaign finance report out today, Democratic Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulias surrounded himself with labor leaders to fire a salvo at his opponent's fund-raising tactics.

    "Congressman Kirk has raised over $1.5 million dollars from Wall Street interests and has voted twice against Wall Street reform," Giannoulias said. "Twice."

    Congress is expected to pass a sweeping financial reform bill this afternoon.

    "This important bill will pass today and my opponent Mark Kirk feels differently," Giannoulias said. "He is bought and paid for by special interest. ... My opponent is for bailout of largest banks in the world - I disagree with that." 

    The press conference came just hours after a report said that Giannoulias trails Kirk by millions in fund raising.

    "We raised most of our money in June, it was a  difficult time for our family ...  I'm not taking their corporate PAC money.  If individuals want to donate fine."

    The Kirk campaign countered that Giannoulias does accept money from state lobbyists. Giannoulias, while not denying the claim, said he has barred lobbyists who solicit the Treasurer's office from donating to his Senate campaign.

    "I promise you unequivocally I will have the money to win this race," he said.