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Ewan McGregor Cast as King Edward VIII in Madonna's Wallis Simpson Pic




    Despite Madonna's dubious filmography -- both in front of and behind the camera -- the Material Middle Aged Woman has assembled an impressive cast for her Wallis Simpson romance.

    Ewan McGregor, who appears to be in the midst of a small career revival with "The Ghost Writer" and "I Love You Philip Morris," is set to play King Edward VII in "W.E.," according to a report from Screen Daily by way of The Playlist.

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    McGregor will star opposite Vera Farmiga as Wallis Simpson and Abby Cornish as the fictional Wally Winthrop, a contemporary woman living a parallel romance of her own, ala "Julie & Julia."

    Edward's abdication of the throne to be with the woman he loved stands as one of the great sacrifices in the history of romance. It's a truly great love story -- especially if you can turn a blind eye to his disgust with royalty that dated back to 1922 and the apparent Nazi collaboration. Other than that, it's a beautiful story.

    The script is a collaboration between Madonna and Alex Keshishian, who wrote and directed 2007's "Love and Other Disasters."