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Groupon India's User Database Accidentally Leaked



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    CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 30: A sign marks the location of the Groupon headquarters on November 30, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Rumors are circulating that Google is close to reaching a deal to buy Groupon for a reported $5.3 billion. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    More trouble for Groupon out of Asia: On the heels of facing fierce competition in China, the site's India-based subsidiary somehow had its entire user database indexed by Google over the weekend., who was alerted to the leak by Australian security consultant Daniel Grzelak, estimates the e-mail and password pairs for 300,000 users may have been comprised. Fortunately, due to legal regulations, credit card, debit card, and netbanking banking data could not be stored in Sosata's database so that information for those users are all safe.

    Groupon quickly released a statement alerting its Indian customers to the breach and assured deal-buyers around the globe that "this issue does not affect data from any country or region."

    While that might be true, it doesn't exactly instill confidence in Groupon -- though to be fair, Grzelak told Risky.Biz that this is actually a common occurrence. "There are thousands of these databases indexed by Google. This just happened to be by far the biggest I found."

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