Cabbies Want Fare Increase, Vomit Fee

Proposal similar to one floated, denied last year

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Zach Christman

Your next cab ride in Chicago could cost a bit more if cabbies get their way.

Drivers have submitted a request to the city for a 22 percent increase in fares, saying its needed to help cover their rising costs.

The plan, similar to one floated last year, would raise the initial cost of a cab ride by $.50 to $2.75.  Each fraction of a mile would also increase $.10, to $.30. 

There would also be additional fees:  $1 more for trips to and from McCormick Place, a $1.50 surcharge for using a credit card, and a $75 fee for anyone who vomits in a cab.

"I don't want to clean it. I'd rather pay someone else like a homeless guy to clean it. A homeless guy will do it for $75, but the only problem is after the mess gets cleaned up, the smell still stays behind," said cab driver Ted Budzynski, according to WLS radio.

The City Council so far has not scheduled a vote on the matter.

There has not been a fare increase, aside from temporary gas surcharges, in five years.

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