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CDOT Announces Closures Ahead of March Bridge Lifts



    Under the Tucson Sun
    David Chiappe

    The Chicago Department of Transportation announced that from Thursday through the end of March, bridges over the Chicago River will be raised and lowered to ensure they are working. 

    The lifts are in preparation for the scheduled weekend lifts that will take place from mid-April through June. 

    See below for a full schedule of the daytime and weeknight closures this month:

    Weekday closures:
    Washington Street Bridge – Thursday, March 17 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    Randolph Street Bridge – Friday, March 18 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    Franklin Street Bridge – Monday, March 21 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    LaSalle Street Bridge – Tuesday, March 22 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    Clark Street Bridge – Wednesday, March 23 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    Dearborn Street Bridge – Thursday, March 24 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    State Street Bridge – Monday, March 28 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    Wabash Avenue Bridge – Tuesday, March 29 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM
    Columbus Avenue Bridge – Wednesday, March 30 from 9:30AM ‐ 2:30PM

    Weeknight closure:
    Michigan Avenue Bridge – Thursday, March 31 to Friday, April 1 from10:00PM ‐ 5:00AM