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West Loop Hot Spot Adds Spice to Restaurant Row

Veerasway Brings Indian Cuisine to the Market District



    West Loop Hot Spot Adds Spice to Restaurant Row
    Veerasway's salmon with cucumber and tumeric-dill broth is grilled and served with sauteed napa cabbage.

    The stretch of Randolph Street in the West Loop is lined with restaurants that are frequented by foodies from all over the city and beyond. Also known as the Market District, the area has become a destination for nightlife activity, as many new lounges and clubs have popped up on the scene over the past few years.

    The new kid on the block is Veerasway (844 W. Randolph St), a modern and fresh Indian cuisine inspired restaurant that brings Indian food to modern America with a sleek and simple design.

    GM Daniel Roughan wants to make Indian cuisine easily accessible to the every day Chicagoan.

     "It's not intimidating because it's not 100 percent traditional. It's more modern. It's more fresh," Roughan says.

    Restaurant Row Gets Spicy

    [CHI] Restaurant Row Gets Spicy
    Man can only live on the same tired food for so long. Spice up your food life with Chicago's newest addition to restaurant row, Veerasway.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008)

    Along with a few traditional menu items, Veerasway offers cuisine inspired by the streets of Bombay.

    "If you come in here you're going to have some of the best food you've ever had and some of the best service you've ever had,"  Roughan said.  "This is home to every regular we've ever had. That's why they keep coming back."

    Veerasway's owner, Angela Lee, knows a lot about what it takes to make a great restaurant. She also owns Sushi Wabi and De Cero next door to Veerasway.

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