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Crack Open a 40 This Week

The Fifty/50 hosts "National 40oz Week"



    Crack Open a 40 This Week
    Marcus Riley
    There'll be plenty of this going on this week at The Fifty/50.

    Whether it's Billy D's Colt 45 or NWA's St. Ides, most dudes have had some experience with malt liquor.

    It's time to take a trip down memory lane -- likely college -- and celebrate drinking brew out of a brown paper bag at The Fifty/50's "National 40oz Week" kicking off June 28 and running through July 4.

    A different 40 will be on special each night for 5 bucks, but there's also a number of special events planned throughout the week -- everything from 40 oz-themed team trivia on Tuesday night to special malt liquor themed-dinners.

    But the biggest spectacle might be the Ultimate Eating Challenge at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Competitors will be asked to eat 50 menu items in 50 minutes or less for a cost of $50. Of course, $5 Natural Ice beer 40s will be on special to help wash it all down.

    A full list of special events with week can be found here.