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Glam Slam: Makeup Monday's: DIY Beauty

Eggs, yeast, beer and milk could be the secret to beauty



    Glam Slam: Makeup Monday's: DIY Beauty
    How to keep beauty treatments luxurious -- on the cheap.

    I read that Halle Berry mixes coffee grounds with her body wash to help ward off cellulite and that Teri Hatcher bathes in wine to help smooth her skin. True? I don't know, but it did get me thinking about other DIY beauty treatments, which are especially relevant in today's economy.

    "A little luxury is always nice, but sometimes it can be fun (and effective) to take a more grass roots approach to getting gorgeous," says People StyleWatch Beauty Editor Holly Carter. "The best part? You may already have everything in your fridge and pantry. Here are some DIY beauty concoctions that may seem wacky - but they really work!!!"

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    According to celebrity stylist Oribe, beer can be used as a setting lotion before you blow dry to get amazing volume and shine. Another great shine strategy is to apply apple cider to shampooed hair. It helps strip away product buildup and gives strands the most amazing luster.

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    Send pimples packing with this trick from celeb facialist Kate Somerville. Get a packet of Brewer's Yeast and mix it with warm water. Massage a bit of this potion on blemishes; leave it on overnight and voila!


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    To shrink larger-than-life pores, try an egg-white facial - my favorite at home treatment for lazy Sundays! Mix a few egg whites and apply them to a clean face. Let it set for about five minutes (or until it dries), rinse and apply moisturizer. You'll be radiant!


    Milk has been a go-to beauty remedy since the days of Cleopatra. It has lactic acid, which gently exfoliates and hydrates. Lightly pat milk soaked compresses on your face to moisturize dry or sensitive skin. Using yogurt is another great way to reap the benefits of lactic acid. Slather it on as you would a face mask to soothe irritation and relieve redness.

    The November issue of People StyleWatch is on newsstands October 23rd.

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