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Legendary City Nightclub Resurrects in the 'Burbs

Stardust Opens in Downer's Grove



    Legendary City Nightclub Resurrects in the 'Burbs
    Joy DiNaro
    The new 14,000 square foot space is a boutique, lounge and nightclub in one.

    Before The Underground, Crimson Lounge or Rino existed, there was Stardust. And before Billy Dec, there was Reggie Benjamin. Stardust ruled the Chicago late-night scene in the 90s from its location on Halstead, where Rednofive currently resides.

    Now Stardust and Benjamin have returned, albeit with a new vibe and a much different location -- Downers Grove (1211A Butterfield Rd.)

    The new building, all 14,000 square feet of it, is a boutique, lounge and nightclub with room for a main dance area, VIP room and murder mystery dinner theatre, each with its own large bar area.

    Aesthetically, the main room of the club has a laid-back Miami vibe doused in white and blue light, and on a recent evening, the DJ spun an upbeat mix of 80s hits.

    The club aims to provide a complete experience, including a global menu, an omelet bar that is open until the late-night hours, and "Killer Dinners," an interactive murder mystery dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

    This weekend, club management is getting nostalgic with a Three's Company reunion that they hope will draw a crowd. Priscilla Barns, Joyce DeWitt and Richard Kline will all appear at the club on Saturday.

    More information can be found at www.stardustchicago.com.

    A magazine called Reggie Benjamin the "Sexiest Indian Alive." Click here to check out a podcast interview with Benjamin about his music and his new club.