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Color Jam Aims to Brighten Up the Loop

3-D vinyl installation being built on State and Adams



    City Plans a Building Color Jam

    Don't be surprised to see a splash of color in Chicago this Summer. (Published Friday, June 1, 2012)

    The Loop is about to get a lot more colorful.

    Chicago based multimedia artist Jessica Stockholder has been commissioned to install Color Jam, three-dimensional, 76,000 square-feet of colored vinyl that will be placed at State and Adams.

    Stockholder and her team will use 10-story boom lifts to install the installation this week in preparation for the official opening on June 5.

    When it's finished, everything from the lamposts to the building facades and sidewalks will be awash in color.

    It's the third installment of the Chicago Loop Alliance's annual Art Loop public art initiative, which also released the three-story EYE sculpture in 2010 by Tony Tasset and the five-story Go Do Good mural by Kay Rosen.

    The city’s multifaceted artistic scene was also responsible for the Cows on Parade in the summer of 1999, and the 50-foot towers of the Crown Fountain where Chicago faces purse their lips, on video, to shoot a spout of water from their mouths.

    Watch Livestream of Color Jam Installation

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