Mother's Day Makeover Finalist: Amy Wasserman

Submitted by Joel Wasserman, Amy's husband:

My wife Amy deserves more than a makeover, she deserves a better life. My wife Amy is a midwife at St Mary's Hospital, a mom to our  2 year old son Cole, and a stepmom to my 10 year old Madison.

Amy has been an incredible mom to our son Cole but she's really stepped up to the plate helping me raise my 10 year old daughter Madison.  She delivers babies all the time, morning day and night, sacrificing a lot of time away her family so she can help new families bring new life into the world. Amy is the most unselfish I've met in my life.

She pushes forward getting calls in the middle of the night to run to the hospital , sometimes crying along the way, because of her exhaustion. Don't get me wrong, she loves what she does, but being a Midwife is extremely challenging. We've been trying to have another child this past year and had a misfortune with a miscarriage back in December at Christmas time.

This may have have been God's way of telling her to slow down. But I believe the stress that she carries, trying to make everyone else happy really takes a toll on her body. No one is more deserving than a little makeover and getaway (even if its just for a night) than my wife and Mom to our kids.

Thanks for listening!

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