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New Gadgets That Improve Your Drinks

Wayne shares new kitchen gadgets designed to make beverages better



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    Wayne Johnson
    Wayne's Weekend: Beverage Gadgets

    There are always new products and appliances introduced each year to simplify and improve everything we do.  This year I thought I’d share a range of beverage related gadgets ranging from an inexpensive water bottle that doesn’t drip to a high-end ‘one touch’ espresso maker that conserves kitchen counter space.  All of these products are on the shelves at department and housewares stores now or will be avilable in April. 

    Contigo® Autoseal® Martinique Double Wall Water Bottle

    The patented technology of the Contigo Water Bottle prevents spills and leaks.  The self sealing lid also offers press to sip drinking – there are no lids to remove and no spouts to open.  The 18oz capacity container keeps beverages cold for up to two hours and the double wall design reduces sweating.  A handle is also incorporated into the top for clipping it onto bags and gear and the entire bottle is top rack dishwasher safe.
    Available for $12.99 at Target stores and

    SodaStream® Homemade Soda Maker

    Wayne's Weekend: The Latest in Beverage Gadgets

    [CHI] Wayne's Weekend: The Latest in Beverage Gadgets
    Wayne Johnson introduces the latest in beverage gadgets, including at-home soda makers and party mixers.
    (Published Friday, March 18, 2011)

    The SodaStream turns water into sparkling water in seconds.  For healthy flavored sparkling waters and sodas, you control the ingredients by using your own or selecting one of the many different flavors offered by SodaStream.  Because it replaces the large number of bottles and cans the average family uses in a year, the SodaStream is healthy for the planet, too.   It’s a great money saver for the same reason, too.

    Available for $79.99 to $199.00, depending on the brand, at Bed bath, Sears, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma and many other houseware stores and

    NuWave® Party Mixer

    This is the latest product from the folks who created the NuWave Oven.  The Party Mixer makes icy drinks and purees vegetables for salsa and dips in seconds with its one touch button operation.  With the motor on top, the entire 48 oz Pitcher acts as a base with the powerful 4 blade chopper inside.  The Party mixer also comes with a recipe book.

    Available for $29.99 online at or

    Skybar® Wine Chill Drops

    Quickly chill individual glasses of wine and champagne in minutes.  These clever gadgets can chill up to 20 times faster than the refrigerator without diluting the wine.  Store in the freezer for anytime use.  Simple place the Skybar Wine Chill Drops into a glass and pour the beverage over it.  The set of two also come with matching designed holders and are great gifts for wine enthusiasts.

    Available for $49.99 at, Williams Sonoma, and

    Vinturi® Travel Wine Aerator

    This is a compact and portable version of the award-winning Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator, still the most popular wine aeration tool.  The Vinture Travel comes in a study black case with stainless steel accents and fits into you pocket obr bag.  It aerates red wine in the time it takese to pur a glass for the peak flavors and aromas of properly decanted wine.

    Available for $39.99 at Brokstone, BevMo, Wine Enthusiast and

    Ninja® Kitchen System

    Even though it looks like a blender, this unique and powerful products performs as a food processor, a mixer, as well as a blender, all in one compact package.  It has a 72 ounce pitcher with a lock in lid, a 40 ounce processing bowl with a lock in safety lid and comes with a whipping paddle, dough blade, and a cookie dough paddles to make everything from whipped cream to cookies and bread.  Although the system has a study non-slip base, it also offers easy to active suction feet to hold it firmly in place on the countertop when mixing dough or thick batter.

    Available in April for $159.99 at retail and housewares stores and

    Margaritaville® Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker

    Create margaritas, daiquiris, and all of your favorite frozen concoctions on the beach, in the yard, tailgating or just about anywhere.  With a powerful heavy duty 18 volt rechargeable battery than can product 60 restaurant quality frozen drinks on a single charge, the Margaritaville is a party built for on the go.  Simply fill it with ice, pour the mix into the pitcher, select from one to three drinks and push a button.  The Margaritaville makes drinks for one or drinks for a crowd in seconds.

    Available for $299.99 at select Sam’s Club Warehouse Stores,, and

    Jura® ENA 9 One Touch Coffee/Espresso Maker

    This is the first automatic coffee center to combine the slimmest design, less than 9.5” wide, with one touch operation to make brewed coffee, espresso and ristretto as well as lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos.  The ENA 9 also has a height adjustable coffee spout that rises from 3” to 5” for tall cups.  It also the winner of the 2011 iF Product Design Award.

    Available in April at Sur La Table for $1,499 and

    If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at or follow me on Facebook.