His A$$ is Grass: DUI for Drunk Lawnmower Man

Guess you'd call this a beer in the headlights

Guess you'd call this a beer in the headlights.

Cops slapped a drunk 49-year-old Belleville, Ill., resident with a DUI when he went for a suds run -- on his lawnmover.

Spectators at a gas station near St. Louis stood stunned as Dennis Cretton arrived completely blotto in his yellow lawnmower wanting more beer.

Neighbors reported Cretton drunkenly weaving in and out of traffic, but when deputies arrived at the station to stop him, he hopped on his mower and "sped" home, spilling his 12-pack of Milwaukee’s Best along the way.

The cops eventually collared the lawn care vigilante, who was charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence. Cretton's now free on $10,000 bond.

So keep an eye on your rearview (and don't end up getting tased like this guy!)


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