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Florida Woman Doesn't Bite On Toothy Visitor

A Tampa woman woke up to a scaly door-to-door salesman knocking at her front door



    Florida Woman Doesn't Bite On Toothy Visitor
    Would you buy health insurance from this big boy?

    No one likes unwanted guests knocking on the door in the morning.

    Is it a door-to-door salesman? One of those persistent Jehovah's Witnesses? At least, you can tell them to get lost.

    But what do you say to an 11-foot alligator who taps on your door? Don't eat me.

    A Tampa woman was held hostage in her home Thursday by the monstrous squatter who had taken up refuge in the shade of her front porch.

    A neighbor called Belinda Donaldson to tell her she had an unwelcome house guest, but she didn't believe them until she heard the tap on the door and took a peek out the window.

    A trapper struggled with the creature for an hour before getting it tied up and hauling it away in a truck.

    Alligators are especially mobile this time of year because they're hunting for mates. We're sure Donaldson will try to keep her animal attraction in check from now on.

    Donaldson says gators have been known to wander away from one of the many lakes in the suburban neighborhood, but she'd never seen one that big.