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Dog Cloning Creates Puppypalooza

Hero dog cloned into four puppies



    Dog Cloning Creates Puppypalooza
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    Aww, puppies! Just imagine a household of these guys.

    Forget Air Bud and Beethoven, there’s a new pup in town. And another new pup. And another, and another.

    Yeah, we’re talking about cloning, people – but not cloning PEOPLE, cloning dogs.

    Thanks to BioArts’ 2008 “Golden Clone Giveaway,” James Symington and Angeline McCarthy of Los Angeles won the opportunity to have their 9/11 rescue dog, Trackr, cloned -- times four.

    Trackr was the K9 partner of then police officer James Symington and helped rescue people at Ground Zero after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

    "Once in a lifetime, a dog comes along that not only captures the hearts of all he touches but also plays a private role in history," Symington wrote in his winning essay in a contest to find the world's most "cloneworthy dog.”

    But don’t try this at home.

    BioArts, partnered with Sooam Biotech Research Foundation of South Korea, is the only organization in the world with a license to clone dogs, cats and some endangered species. Trakr’s four little legacies were created at Sooam, the same place where the world’s first canine was cloned.

    "It was an honor for us to be able to clone Trakr, who was an exceptional dog in every way," says Lou Hawthorne, CEO of BioArts. "We're delighted to bring these beautiful puppies to James and Angeline, to continue the legacy of an amazing rescue dog."

    Symington and McCarthy received the four puppies Wednesday.