U.S. Takes Unexpected Ryder Cup Lead

Red is blue, and up is down, and Tiger Woods is out, and past is history. So forget what you've seen at the last two Ryder Cups. Once again the underdog, the only label to carry apparently, is top dog at a Ryder Cup. That's America, for a change, both as Day 1 leader and betting non-favorite. Role reversal is in vogue at Valhalla, all the way down to clutch putting and flag-waving. What you saw Friday could be filed under the heading, "The first time since the last millennium specifically, or in a long time generally." The U.S. bombarded the Europeans with firsts and, come to think of it, fists also, considering Boo Weekley's cheerleading act. First time we're heard, felt and seen "USA! USA!" electricity since the 1990s.

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