The Facts Are In: Charlie Weis Is Better Than Ty Willingham

It's been four years since Charlie Weis took over the distinguished football reins at Notre Dame, that most prestigious of college football coaching jobs. Since then, Weis has had a good season (2005; 9-2) an even better season (2006; 10-2) and the worst year in the history of the program (2007; 3-9).

Somewhere in there, he coached the most famous backup in the NFL, Brady Quinn. He also said "to hell with Michigan," and tore his ACL just standing on the sideline. So it's been a mixed bag.

But now that some semblance of results are in, people are beginning to take a look at Weis and whether he deserved to replace Tyrone Willingham, whom some believe was unfairly fired in 2004. What's the verdict? Weis wins -- but almost by default.

A quick look at records basically tells the whole story. Weis is 26-17 at Notre Dame. In the same stretch, Willingham is a shockingly horrible 11-30. Washington has clearly worsened under his stewardship; I actually remember when Washington used to be a legitimate football program, when the Pac-10 was that much better of a conference.

Notre Dame blogger Domer Sports Report agrees:

Weis has severely outdone what Willingham has in the same amount of time, twice bringing in the eighth ranked class while also having the number two class in recruiting a year ago. With his first full class now juniors we are catching a glimpse of what Weis' Irish will be able to do in the coming years. as this team has improved on a weekly basis. Say what you want about Charlie Weis, about the University of Notre Dame, and about the racism the Irish showed. The fact of the matter is that Notre Dame football is under better guidance today than it was exactly four years ago and nobody can argue that.

So congratulations Charlie Weis -- you're better than Ty Willingham! Greater praise was never given, or received.

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