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Oprah: The Party Starts Friday

"And the movement to build starts Friday"



    Oprah: The Party Starts Friday
    Oprah Winfrey flew to Copenhagen in an attempt to warm up the IOC.

    If we win the Olympic bid, says Oprah, the party starts Friday.

    But unlike Michigan Avenue's Oprahpalooza, she ain't payin' for it!

    Speaking from within a throng of bid promoters, including Mayor and Maggie Daley, Oprah spoke on what the bid means to her hometown.

    "If we get this, the party starts Friday."

    Oprah: "The Party Starts Friday"

    [CHI] Oprah:  "The Party Starts Friday"
    In Denmark, Oprah Winfrey talks about bringing the Olympic spirit to Chicago.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009)

    This Friday, a reporter said.

    "Yes. The party starts Friday. And the movement to build starts Friday. And the effort to get everybody engaged starts Friday.

    And it's not just about a one-time event, it's not just about building buildings. It's about building the spirit of the Olympics within the entire Chicago community."

    "Are you throwing that party?" a reporter asked.

    Oprah's eyes grew wide, and she paused for comic effect.

    "He's throwing that party," she said, and then pointed at Mayor Daley. "I'm not paying for that!"

    The mayor's chin dropped in a feigned display of disbelief.

    Got it Daley? You're on the hook.

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