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Packers Great Thinks Russell Wilson's Best Landing Spot Is Bears

Packers great thinks Bears are best fit for Russell Wilson originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

A Packers great thinks Russell Wilson should go to the Bears?

"For me it's always been about the Chicago Bears," Jennings told Colin Cowherd while discussing Wilson's best landing spots.. "I know people are going to be like what, why? It doesn't make sense.

"But the Chicago Bears with that defense and with them already having quarterback issues... Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace the general manager, they're no trying to tie their hitch to Mitchell Trubisky of Nick Foles.

"So you know that's a situation where he can go in and be can impact it right away."

Well, obviously Trubisky and Foles isn't the future.

Jennings notes the Bears would have to "grab hold of what's going on with Allen Robinson and get him back in the fold."

The concern is the Bears' offensive line and would that give a quarterback pause.

"People look at that Chicago Bears offensive line and say 'well they gave up a lot of sacks' but they had a lot of revolving doors. They were switching a lot of positions, moving around, playing a lot of musical chairs. But when they're all healthy and set at their rightful positions, that's a pretty solid offensive line that can support what Russell Wilson's asks have been for the Seattle Seahawks."

Ok, Greg... we'll forgive you for playing in Green Bay.

And Wilson hasn't asked for a trade yet, but we can hope.

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