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Cordarrelle Patterson Discusses Controversial Call vs. Packers

Patterson was flagged for hitting a Packers punt returner too early, but video review indicated the call was erroneous

After a controversial call when against Chicago Bears wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, he was left to muse about what he could do differently to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

During Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, Patterson was flagged for hitting Packers returner Tramon Williams too early while covering a punt, costing the Bears 15 yards.

On Monday at Halas Hall, Patterson was searching for ways to get on the good side of referees.

“I don’t know what I did to the refs this week,” he told media, including the Chicago Sun-Times. “Somebody told me I need to start bringing them doughnuts and stuff before the game. Next week, I’m going to bring some hot chocolate and all that stuff.”

The Fox broadcast of the game concluded that the penalty call was incorrect, but that was of small consolation to the Bears as the Packers ultimately scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

Patterson said that such plays should be reviewable, and said that the officials told him that he had arrived too early, but that text messages from his girlfriend and others indicated that the call had been wrong.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy declined to comment on the penalty call during a press conference Monday.

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