Ranking 2020 MLB Rule Changes From Best to Worst

Ranking 2020 MLB rule changes from best to worst originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Javier Baez mulled over the question after the Cubs’ final game of the season.

Did he hope MLB adopted any of its 2020 rule changes – be it the new extra innings format, 7-ining double hitters, the playoff structure, etc. -- permanently?

“No, not really,” the Cubs shortstop said.

After an experimental 60-game season, which provided a sort of test run for some of these rules that were implemented for player health and safety, the jury is still out on MLB’s 2020 rule changes.

Most of them were added to the operations manual just for this season. So, extending them beyond 2020 would require negotiation between MLB owners and the Players Association. We saw this spring how contentious that can get. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires after next season.

“I think that after the next CBA, yeah, you might see a new playoff structure and a lot of those rules adopted,” said Ian Happ, the Cubs’ MLBPA representative. “But before that, I’m not quite sure.”

Happ said he liked some of the new rules, including the extra innings format and seven-inning double headers.

So, whether it be for next year or in the next CBA, which should stay? Which should go?

I have some ideas. Here are the 2020 rule changes ranked best to worst:

Ranking 2020 MLB rule changes from best to worst

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