Bears' Justin Fields Has Trained With 5th-Round Pick Larry Borom

Justin Fields, Bears 5th rounder already trained together originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Playing in the NFL, no position groups need to trust each other more than the quarterbacks and offensive lineman. Fortunately for the Bears, new teammates Justin Fields and Larry Borom may have a head start on building that trusting relationship. During his introductory press conference on Saturday, Borom, who was drafted in the fifth round, revealed he already knows Fields, as the two trained at the same facility, Proactive Sports Performance in California.

“As a person, he’s a real friendly, goofy guy,” Boron said of Fields. “He’s caring, he’s helpful, he’s looking to help people any chance he can.”

Borom was even more complimentary when describing Fields in the training room.

“He’s a hard worker,” Borom said. “He’s going to do extra. He’s not the guy that is going to be trying to rush out of the room. He’s going to do a lot more than everyone else.

“Training with those people really pushes you to be your best. You can’t slack or fall behind, you have people that are all competing for the same thing at the end of the day. Being out there, it taught me to compete even harder, or harder than I was doing. So I put in the extra effort.”

The Bears have had several famous bromances over the years, from Walter Payton and Matt Suhey back in the 80s, to Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet today. Could Fields and Borom be the next pair of Bears bffs?

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