Chicago White Sox

Can I Buy Some Respect: White Sox Get Dissed by Wheel of Fortune

White Sox were the only team excluded from a "Wheel" puzzle

The Chicago White Sox are quickly becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of the Windy City sports scene, because it sure seems like no one wants to give them any respect.

The latest slight against the team came on Tuesday night's episode of the hit game show "Wheel of Fortune." During the game, a crossword-style puzzle was given to players, and featured Chicago's sports teams.

Except for the White Sox:

The team's Twitter feed quickly corrected the game show, doing some creative photo editing to include themselves in the puzzle:

"Over the years we have included the White Sox in many of our puzzles, but in our crossword puzzle format, we use only single word, interlocking answers," producers of the show told the Chicago Tribune

This isn't the first time in recent memory that a major entity has forgotten the White Sox. On at least two different occasions, ESPN has seemingly forgotten that the White Sox exist, inadvertently erasing the team's 2005 World Series title in multiple ways.

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