That's Flub: Reliving Some of Wrigley Field's Worst Seventh Inning Stretches

On Saturday afternoon, rapper Ice Cube unleashed one of the more interesting Seventh Inning Stretches in the history of Wrigley Field, and it may find itself among the worst to ever come from that fabled booth. 

The tradition of singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" started with broadcaster Harry Caray, and since his death in 1998, celebrities and Cubs legends have picked up the microphone in an attempt to fill that role. 

Some renditions have been excellent, and some......have been decidedly less so. 

Ice Cube's rapid-fire delivery was noteworthy, but he has nothing on how fast Mike Ditka belted out the tune: 

At the very least, Ditka nailed all of the words. Bulls legend Scottie Pippen forgot some of the lyrics, and he let the crowd take over: 

Scottie embraced the role of stretch emcee, something that former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn't look all that excited to do: 

Enthusiasm wasn't a problem for Jeff Gordon, but realizing that he wasn't at "Wrigley Stadium" was just as cringe-worthy: 

Finally, there's this. There aren't words for this: 

If you're still standing upright after this painful trip down memory lane, did we miss anyone? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below! 

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