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Cubs Being Considered for Games in London, Report Says

The Cubs have only played outside of North America once, facing the Mets in Japan in 2000

What to Know

  • The Cubs and Cardinals could play games in London in 2020 as part of the MLB collective bargaining agreement.
  • The Cubs last played overseas in 2000 when they took on the Mets in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The Yankees and Red Sox are set to play in London this season.

Major League Baseball will be making another trip across the pond next season, and it appears that the Chicago Cubs could be heading to London to play one of their biggest rivals.

According to the Associated Press, Major League baseball is considering having the Cubs play a two-game series against the St. Louis Cardinals during the 2020 season. That matchup is one of two the league is thinking about sending overseas, along with a series between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

The series are part of baseball’s effort to reach a broader audience. The Yankees and Red Sox will play two games in England this season. In 2020, the league will contest games in Asia, Mexico, and either Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, in addition to more London games.

The Cubs last played overseas when they battled the New York Mets at the Tokyo Dome in 2000. The Cubs split the two-game series, which opened the regular season.

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