Chicago Cubs

Brandon Morrow Placed on Disabled List With Bizarre Injury

Chicago Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow went on the disabled list Wednesday, and the injury that landed him there is one of the most bizarre that you’re going to see.

Morrow, who has 16 saves and a 1.59 ERA this season, was placed on the DL after missing both games of Tuesday’s doubleheader against the Los Angeles Dodgers with back spasms.

Those back spasms didn’t occur because of pitching, however. It happened when Morrow was taking off his pants.

Yes, really.

“Just undressing at my house,” he said. “Like 3 a.m., in the closet, got my right leg off. Left one just felt like a spasm in my back.”

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The Cubs are taking their time with Morrow, who has been the anchor to one of the league’s best bullpens this season. Unfortunately, that patience hurt them on Tuesday, as Justin Wilson blew a save and allowed the Dodgers to secure a 4-3 victory at Wrigley Field.   

Pitcher Justin Hancock, who was brought onto the team’s roster for yesterday’s doubleheader, will remain on the team in Morrow’s absence. 

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