Kyle Orton Isn't Worried About Jay Cutler

Bears QB says trade talk doesn't bother him

The rumors that the Denver Broncos are looking to trade their quarterback Jay Cutler all started when the team actually did try and trade Cutler for New England's Matt Cassel.  Once Cutler found out about the proposed deal, he then threw a hissy fit, and told the team he no longer wanted to be a Denver Bronco.  It's the grown man equivalent of taking your ball and going home when you're picked last to play in that pick-up game at the park, except you're going home with every intent to sell it and move to a new one far, far away where you'll be picked first instead.

A place like Chicago where any quarterback with a modicum of talent is seen as a savior after having to deal with too many Moses Morenos and Jonathan Quinns.  Though if Cutler could have such a bad reaction after hearing trade rumors involving him, does that mean the Bears' Kyle Orton is going to lay down on the ground and start kicking and screaming any minute now?  Not quite.  In fact, Orton's response to the trade rumors is basically "What trade rumors?"

I guess news gets to Orton's home state of Iowa a little slower.  After being informed about the Cutler rumors yesterday, Orton didn't seem very worried about it.

"There are rumors every single year, if it's him or somebody else," Orton said. "I think the organization is behind me, and I know my teammates are."

Notice how Orton said he "thinks" the organization is behind him, yet he "knows' his teammates are?  Yeah, we probably shouldn't believe him when he feigns ignorance about the Cutler rumors.

Orton's reaction to the whole thing is what fans would like to hear, however.  It already seems that Orton is mentally tougher than Cutler, and honestly, if Cutler can't handle this type of thing while playing in Denver, how in the world will he deal with the media pressure playing in Chicago?

Especially as quarterback of the Chicago Bears.  Rex Grossman went to a Super Bowl with the team, and we couldn't get him out of town fast enough.

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