Key Matchups: Bears vs. 49ers

Key Matchups for the Nov. 19 Chicago Bears versus San Francisco 49ers game

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Quarterback | Advantage: Bears
n49er Colin Kaepernick will play in lieu of quarterback Alex Smith who will not be playing in Monday night's game due to a concussion. Jason Campbell must step in for Cutler as he did in last week's game, when he went 11-for-19 for 94 yards leading the Bears to three points in the second half.
Running Back | Advantage: Push
Gore and Forte are both monsters, and are both going against good run defenses.
Tight End | Advantage: 49ers
Did you see Kellen Davis fumble and drop passes last week against the Texans. Vernon Davis is better than that.
Wide Receiver | Advantage: Bears
Brandon Marshall > Mario Maningham.
Defensive | Advantage: 49ers
nThe 49ers have home-game advantage and to make matter worse for the Bears, Quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a concussion and his return to the game is uncertain.
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