Kenny Williams Ticketed for Jay Walking

Dont' make any "Why did the GM cross the road jokes" or quips about how Kenny Williams is supposed to keep the walks down. It's not funny. Jaywalking is serious business.
Williams, the Chicago White Sox general manager, was ticketed for pedestrian infraction by the Seattle Police Department Monday night.
Williams was cited outside Safeco Field for illegally crossing a street away from a crosswalk. The GM was on his cell phone after exiting a cab and was on his way into the stadium hours before his team's game against the Mariners when a traffic-control officer nabbed him and wrote a $56 ticket.
Williams had just completed a waiver claim that brought All-Star outfielder Alex Rios--and $61.6 million of his contract--to Chicago.
Williams tried to tell the officer people in Chicago cross streets anywhere, which could be why cab drivers are at home praying today.
He said the officer told him, "not in Seattle."
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