If Bears Chase Anyone, Make It Boldin

Of last night's Super Bowl stars, the other Cardinals wide receiver is the one we want

The Monday after the Super Bowl. Here we are. Each year, after the dust settles and the Bruce Springsteen crotch-shots fail to impress anymore, we're left with one thing: college basketball. OK, two things. College basketball, and our ability to speculate fruitlessly about which Super Bowl players could end up where, and if one of these places happens to include Chicago. If we can't get a holiday on the day after the Super Bowl, at least we have this tradition.

Last night's featured had a few players that might not be in Arizona next season, but few have been the subject of as much scrutiny and anxiety as Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and Cards wideout Anquan Boldin. Warner's contract expired with last night's loss, which means he'll either retire or sign a new deal. Whether it's with the Cardinals is the main question. Boldin, for his part, still has two years left on a deal that pays him about $4 million per, a deal that he has been consistently angry about for most of the past year. Boldin has asked to be traded more than once. Will the Cardinals do it?

The ball is very much in Arizona's court, but it behooves the Bears to try and make a trade for Boldin. Warner is done. A great quarterback, yes, but one who'd be making more of a career victory lap than an actual run at success if he signs a contract heading into his age 37 year. The Bears could use a temporary boost from Warner, but none is guaranteed. It'd be foolish to sign him.

Boldin, on the other hand, could probably be pried away, especially if the Cardinals are convinced it's Fitzgerald that better first their long term plans. Third wideout Steve Breaston could conceivably step in and fill Boldin's shoes, and the Cardinals could save money and acquire some young talent by trading Boldin rather than extending his contract. The question is whether the Bears have enough cheap, youngish talent. Would they give away Matt Forte? Is Boldin worth it?

There are plenty of questions, many of which won't have answers until the offseason kicks in to full gear. Until then, here's hoping the Bears make a move on an offensive Arizona Cardinal -- and that it's the right Cardinal in the first place.

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