Ted Lilly Decidedly Not Mediocre At Destroying Catchers

Filed under: , , In 2007, Ted Lilly was surprisingly effective. In 2008, Lilly is a bit more what the Cubs expected when they signed him -- a pretty mediocre third-wheel lefty that can eat innings and occasionally throw a lights-out effort. The unexpected part happened last night, as you'll see below:

Yes, that was Ted Lilly. Yes, that was Yadier Molina. Yes, that was Ted Lilly sending Yadier Molina to la-la-land with the mere shrug of one much-stronger-than-it-looks left shoulder. Where has Lilly been hiding this athleticism? Or are we to assume that Yadier Molina is actually that weak?

The mind boggles.

(HT: The Sporting Blog)

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