Orlando Cabrera Thinks the White Sox Need an Attitude Adjustment

The Chicago White Sox seem to be falling apart at the seams right now. They've lost the first two games in their series against the Minnesota Twins, and their lead in the AL Central is now down to a half game. All in all, they've played like a bad baseball team.

Which is something that Orlando Cabrera has taken notice of, and he doesn't quite understand it. Cabrera did a radio interview on Chicago radio station The Score before last night's loss, and during the interview Cabrera talked about the differences between his current team and the ones he's been on in the past.

"The one thing we're missing, a team that wins so many ballgames is missing, is we don't come out every night as the winners. We come out hoping to win a ballgame. I don't think that's the right attitude.

''This is a team that has so many stars and so many good players. The other team should be afraid of facing us. We should show that face every night and win ballgames before they even start at 7 o'clock.''

Orlando also went on to criticize the behavior of his teammates in the clubhouse.

''There are guys that want to be clowns or want to be funny or want to be this, but what I don't like is there's a time for that and a time to get serious in a ballgame, and I don't see that. ... You can have fun, but at the same time, you have to take care of business.''

Now it's hard to tell what Orlando is doing here. What he's saying seems dead on to me, though I've never been in the White Sox clubhouse (I don't have any blow up dolls they can borrow), I'm just not sure why Cabrera is saying it. He's either following the lead of his manager and trying to use the media to motivate his teammates, or he's trying to distance himself from the team as much as he can.

Cabrera is a free agent after the season, and given his comments about the team and his time in Chicago, it's pretty clear he won't be back in Chicago next season. This could just be his way of saying that it's not his fault the team is collapsing, and that he's doing the best he can, so don't be afraid to give me millions of dollars.

Whatever the hell he's doing, if it ends up in a White Sox win tonight, I'll be happy.

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