Joey Porter Feels New England Disrupted His Pregame Routine

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It's no secret that Miami linebacker Joey Porter can tend to be a little, uh, crazy. And it's no secret his pregame antics can be a tad annoying for opposing players and fans, whether he's trying to disrupt an opponents kicker, or getting himself ejected before a game in Cleveland by fighting William Green at the 50-yard line.

On Sunday in New England, Porter was again at the center of some pregame shenanigans, only he was the one doing the complaining and feeling as if he were disrespected in some way. According to Dan Dugan of the Boston-Herald, while the Dolphins were going through their stretches, the Patriots kickers and coaches walked through the Miami line of players as punter Chris Hanson started booming kicks out of the end zone. Naturally, Porter wasn't amused.

"I've been playing in the league for 10 years and I feel like I've done some crazy things, but I never did that," Porter said. "You can't walk right down the middle of somebody's stretch and start kicking out of the end zone like we're not even here, like they had the whole 100 yards. They just didn't want their 50, they wanted our 50, too."

According to Dugan's article, NFL rules state there is "a 10-yard neutral zone between the 45-yard lines that the team may not cross." If it's true the Patriots did this, there's no question they were in violation of the rule. But Joey Porter is the absolute last guy that should be complaining about it. Especially since the rule is dubbed in league circles as, "the Joey Porter rule."

Porter has made a habit of crossing the 10-yard neutral zone and disrupting kickers, teams and picking fights with opposing players during his entire career. He used to do it just about every week while playing for Pittsburgh, usually while his jersey was tucked up under his shoulder pads, exposing his abs, strutting around like he owned the place.

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