Cowher's Not Interested In Coaching Again–Yet

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It only took an 0-2 start to the season to start Browns fans theorizing about whether Bill Cowher could be coaching the team next year, but Cowher doesn't seem to be interested in coming back to coaching next year.

Cowher told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette beat writer Ed Bouchette that he's happy being retired.

"Right now, I have no intention of returning,'' Cowher said.

Taking over the Browns would be an interesting decision for Cowher. It would bring him back to the team he played and worked for, but it would also seem to anger the same Steelers fans who will happily pay for Cowher books, autographs, etc., for the rest of Cowher's life in a way that coming back to coach the Redskins wouldn't.
But for now, it seems like Cowher's more focused on learning how to play the piano than figure out how to assemble a new coaching staff.

"It's just something I find I really enjoy," Cowher said of the lessons he's been taking for more than a year. "I'm probably biased, but I think I'm pretty good. It really relaxes me."

Eventually Cowher will probably grab a headset again, but it does seem like he's happy enough getting away from the game that he'll be able to wait until the perfect scenario pops up.

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