Bob Davie Thinks Coaching Is For Suckers least that's the implication from his latest move, or lack thereof:

Former Texas A&M defensive coordinator Bob Davie has declined an invitation to reprise that role with the Aggies, according to a source on campus.

Hey, I'm with him. Davie gets to lounge around in the offseason while college coaches are beating their heads in day after day, sleeping on the floor in their office and only contacting their families when, delirious from lack of rest, they accidentally hit the wrong button on their cell phone. Much better to be Bob Davie, Guy Who Gets Paid To Say "Footbaw" A Lot.

This is actually a bit of a blow for the A&M program. Though Davie's stint as Notre Dame's head coach didn't go well, he was a successful and well-regarded defensive coordinator over the course of a decade.

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