Take a Break and Check Out This Cubs-Inspired ‘Hamilton' Parody

It isn’t often that the Chicago Cubs make it this deep into the playoffs, and when an opportunity to make a song honoring the team came up, a group of Cubs fans made sure that they didn’t throw away their shot.

Matt Paolelli, a digital communications professional for a non-profit organization in Chicago, created a song honoring the Cubs set to the tune of “Alexander Hamilton,” the first tune from the smash hit musical “Hamilton.” The Cubs-inspired song is titled “The Team at Clark and Addison,” and it’s a remarkably inspired effort.

Paloelli’s brothers Chris, Joe, and Ben were also in the room when the song was made, and the attention it’s received has been non-stop, as it’s racked up over 17,000 views on YouTube in two days.

While the brothers hope that history will have its eye on the Cubs, there is one thing that would make Matt Paolelli happy as a result of the video.

“I would really just love if Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted me about it,” he told Chicagoist.  

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