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Cubs Launch “Committed” Marketing Campaign

Team focuses on loyal fans in 2013 advertising

Chicago Cubs fans have a new slogan that expresses a lot more optimism than the usual "wait 'til next year."

The team has partnered with Chicago advertising company Schafer Condon Carter to launch the "Committed" marketing campaign.

The campaign is designed to honor the dedication of Cubs fans and the team's commitment to finally winning a World Series.

Expect to see "committed" ads in print, online, radio, TV and and all over CTA buses, trains and platforms.

Die-hard Cubs fans are featured in the ads, such as an Indianapolis couple who got engaged at Wrigley Field and a South Side security guard with a Cubs logo and Ron Santo signature tattooed on his head.

A second phase of the marketing campaign will involve a social media push to encourage Cubs fans to share their stories.

According to Chicago Business Journal, the White Sox have parted ways with their old ad agency and are doing their marketing in-house.

The full ad campaign hasn't been revealed, except for the tag line "Make An Impact."

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