Rooftop Owners Want Say in Wrigley Renovations

Rooftop owners concerned obstructions could devastate their business

Rooftop owners around Wrigley Field say they want a seat at the table for any discussions involving renovations of the Friendly Confines.

Their concern is that any development could include obstructions -- perhaps a JumboTron -- which would inhibit views and possibly affect their business.

"The rooftops are part of what makes Wrigley Field different from other ballparks," said Murphy's Rooftop's Beth Murphy.

Cubs management says stipulations on any renovation could undercut future modernization efforts.

"Restricting our ability to have signage in the ballpark hampers our ability to modernize and put money back into the field," said team spokesman Julian Green.

Murphy's notes that in 2011 the company paid $3.5 million to the Cubs, along with around $3 million in taxes. They also say they employ 250 people.

Cubs management has indicated they are willing to continue discussions, but it will require some give-and-take.

"We're going to continue to talk with the roof top owners, but we also want them to address concerns that we have as well, which is discussing parking that they need to provide for their patrons," Green said.

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